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Right now you can try ANSYS SpaceClaim – nothing to download, no forms, no waiting! You will be able to use this cloud based version of SpaceClaim for up to 2 hours in a single virtual session. Click here to sign up for your free session. SpaceClaim delivers 10-times faster 3D modeling than any other tool on the market. We’ve improved a variety of workflows and tools, helping you get your designs and ideas faster to market than ever. You’ll see efficiency gains from start to finish. View some highlights below, or check out more details on the side bars.

Constraint Free Design

SpaceClaim is a next generation 3D modeling solution dedicated to making it easy to quickly create, edit, and repair 3D models. It is designed for any engineer or machinist who could sometimes work in 3D but find traditional CAD tools too frustrating to use. For those concepting designs, SpaceClaim is the ideal platform to bring your ideas to life.

New Features with ANSYS™ SpaceClaim

  • Surface Skinning: the new skin tool easily allows reverse engineering of highly organic shapes within SpaceClaim.    Easily fit complex surfaces through faceted data.
  • Shrinkwrap: instantly cleans up models for 3D printing by creating a watertight, regular faceting around selected bodies.
  • Infill: Easily remove weight from your 3D printed part while retaining strength.
  • Keyshot Livelinking: change geometry or materials in SpaceClaim and have the model automatically update in KeyShot.  This ensures faster rendering with less rework.
  • Beam Modeling: improved beam and shell modeling for analysis.  New connection techniques as well as a standard beam library make simplifying large structures faster than ever before.

For additional videos highlighting the advantages of these new features click here.

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