Simply Powerful, Powerfully Simple

The new GibbsCAM engine, the Universal Kinematic Machine (UKM), has no limitations. Now you can explore and utilize any number of axes, from any angle, with multiple tools at the same time. Let us simplify your programming with better implements for your advanced machining.

GibbsCAM 2016 can simulate any of your machine’s capabilities, even those you haven’t invented yet.  Enhancements in geometry, toolpath, color choices, file sharing, milling contours and curves, and tooling,with integrated Adveon Tooling Library. GibbsCAM 2016 is the most user friendly CAD/CAM software available.

Solids Import

GibbsCAM Solids Import provides entry-level support for machining solid models. Solid models can be read, viewed and manipulated.

Geometry can be selected and extracted for machining. Using this option you can import a solid model, view it, extract geometry from selected edges, which can then be machined. This option is ideal for users who have been machining wireframe geometry who want to expand their capabilities to support rudimentary machining of solids.

Hole Manager

The Hole Manager allows you to identify holes on a model or specify geometry to use as a hole. Once loaded, hole data can be grouped by type, size, or alignment; attributes can be sorted by specifications such as Type, CS, TPI or Pitch; machining and operations can be created using AutoWiz or Hole Wiz. Because Hole Manager retains data related to holes and allows for batch edits of hole specifications, it is especially powerful when dealing with parts containing a large number of holes.

The Importance of Associativity

The entire GibbsCAM product line is built with one primary objective – ease of use. Associativity is an important part of that, as it allows you to make changes to your part file and all affected aspects of the part update automatically.

All types of changes– tooling, geometry, machining parameters are completely incorporated into the part with one simple mouse click. This gives you the freedom to experiment, build new parts from similar existing parts and create families-of-parts quickly and easily.

JMR Systems, Inc. is the authorized reseller for GibbsCAM in New England and greater New York. JMR Systems provides customized GibbsCAM Training that is focused for each customer’s unique requirements.

SpaceClaim® Plug-In

Easily go back and forth between SpaceClaim & GibbsCAMSpaceClaim solves geometry problems, fast.

Keep your focus on production rather than wrestling with CAD. Repair dirty geometry with a push of a button, ensuring that GibbsCAM processes run smoothly.