5-Axis Machining

A Solution for Every Milling Requirement

Move beyond 3-Axis milling into rotary milling with 5-Axis Options from GibbsCAM.   Simultaneous utilize 4- and 5-axis for sophisticated machining with various tool types. GibbsCAM 5-Axis can be used with Milling, standard Mill/Turn, or with GibbsCAM Multi-Task Machining modules – wherever your CNC supports simultaneous 5-axis motion. When used with GibbsCAM MTM, it also supports multi-task machines with live tooling on articulated heads.

Easy to use with a variety of machining strategies from roughing and finishing, to application-specific functions such as projection, swarf, electrode, impeller, turbine and cylinder-head machining. GibbsCAM 5-Axis Milling simplifies your 5-Axis programming needs and improves machine efficiency, finish, and output. Please, call JMR Systems today to learn more about 5-Axis solutions for your milling needs.

5-Axis Porting

5-Axis Porting is a new option to add onto the 5-Axis Machining. It is Specialized functionality for the machining of hollow shapes that have significantly different shapes or sizes at each open end or have a significant amount of curvature from one end to the other, including engine ports, manifolds, and throttle bodies. 5-Axis Porting option)