First Hard-Wired USB DNC from eNET©

The all new xlConnect-U/E Unit from eNETDNC provides direct communication from the ethernet network to the USB port on the machine tool.  The xlConnect-U/E Unit  is the only DNC system that can connect to a CNC machine’s  USB port.  Integrate your PC-based controls with your machine tool’s performance from the office.  eNET offers a 30 day money back guarantee on it’s products.

eNET V8.03® Available

eNET V8.03 is now available for download, this update now gives eNET the ability to distinguish between part load time and cycle time for Monitoring. Introducing #MachineMonitoring with eNET CSIFLEX LT and Standard. These enterprise monitoring solutions are now available for all eNETDNC customers. Contact JMR Systems for more information.

eNET Editor Features

  • Edit up to ten CNC files simultaneously.
  • The Smart File Compare feature highlights file
  • Editor allows up to three axes to be rotated.
  • Mass Modify any G code value throughout the CNC file.
  • Multi-color G code display enhances editing features.
  • Extend or compress files for viewing and editing.
  • Calculates cycle times of original and modified files to evaluate productivity gains.
  • Right angle and bolt circle calculators are included.

DNC Through Your Ethernet Network

eNETDNC is an Ethernet based CNC data management system that provides flexible, secure, reliable and cost effective data management, by allowing the user to connect CNC machine controls using an existing computer network. With the eNETDNC system all download and upload functions are performed at the machine control, by the operator. File organization, storage and back-up are all a part of the eNET system. The Smart File Compare feature controls file revision and insures original files are preserved. All uploads are reviewed for changes and stored for approval.

eNETDNC© provides both wired and wireless Ethernet based CNC file management solutions. Providing a single source for storing all files that is accessible from all CNC machines as well as the front office reduces set-up time and ensures documentation is always up-to-date. Software features tapered access, allowing operators to log-in and access programs on the machine, while still protecting files from unauthorized editing. If a file is modified, it is saved as a new revision, guarding against unintended edits. An easy compare feature allows engineers to view the program revisions side by side for instant analysis.

An unlimited number of machines can be linked, including machines in different facilities around the globe. All engineering changes are immediately implemented across all facilities and keeping documentation in line with ISO and other quality management system standards. eNETDNC can be designed to work on existing networks, or we can provide the industrial grade hardware needed to establish or expand a network. Everything is connected through CAT-5 cabling and/or a standard 802.11 Ethernet signal. All hardware includes high-voltage surge protectors to protect expensive machinery.

With eNETDNC you may choose either hardwired or wireless or both.

eNETDNC systems are equipped with a file editor complete with 2-D and 3-D backplotting capabilities. This user friendly editor allows engineers to pinpoint any machining issues by graphically representing the tool path.


From PortCNC – the makers of eNETDNCSome of the newest CNC’s on the market today now have USB ports to communicate CNC files with the CNC controls. eNETDNC is proud to announce – The New xlCONNECT-U.

Port CNC is the first company to be able to offer a real file management method of using the USB port.

xlCONNECT-U has a USB port for CNC file transfers besides a serial port to allow you to connect to other eNETDNC hardware such as eHubs, eTerminals & eMonitoring boards. xlCONNECT-U is backwards compatible to reduce cost down the line.

xlCONNECT-U offers all the same communication features as the other eNET equipment such as: machine tool operator can download files from the company’s proven directory, securely upload files with email verification and automatic file compare. xlCONNECT-U offers printing of their CNC files when uploading or downloading and the naming structure.

The xlCONNECT-U can be used in conjunction with any other eNETDNC hardware such as their Cabled eNETDNC DNC and Wireless eNETDNC, their eRS Units, FTP or Serial Ports. The eRS Units are 1 Serial to Ethernet with power.

xlCONNECT-U comes with a 12 volt DC power supply and a 10 foot USB cable. It is available in two models to provide proper connections depending on your machine tools.

xl Connect-W Unit

  • This unit is wireless and used on CNC’s that have an Ethernet port for communications, supports FTP and CAPS.
  • 1 Ethernet Port for CNC, 1 Serial Port for accessories.
  • Comes with 7′ CAT-5 cable and 12V power supply.
  • Wireless is 802.11B or G.
  • Dimensions 3.625″W, 1.375″H, 6.125″L

Also available with eNETDNC:

Data Collection Software and Hardware

Data collection for the purposes of historical accuracy and security are imperative in industry today. eNETDNC, specializes in data collection from CNC and manual machinery at tool and die shops, machine shops and manufacturing facilities. Our system communicates directly with the machine and integrates with most client ERP systems providing data on jobs, part quantities, maintenance schedules and much more.

Machine Monitoring Software and Hardware

As a leading provider of DNC and machine monitoring solutions, eNETDNC can provide the data to help customers make more informed production management decisions. Operator log-ins, machine status, cycle times, and preventative maintenance information can be monitored in real-time and stored for export into Excel or Access for further analysis.

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