ENet Data Collection

Real Time Production Data Directly From the Machine Control

Data collection for the purposes of historical accuracy and security are imperative in industry today. eNETDNC, specializes in data collection from CNC and manual machinery at tool and die shops, machine shops and manufacturing facilities. Our system communicates directly with the machine and integrates with most client ERP systems providing data on jobs, part quantities, maintenance schedules and much more.

eNET will install systems that are compatible with all brands of CNC and manually controlled machinery using industrial grade components that are accessible from any part of the plant. The installed network provides features such as real-time monitoring, automated notification and alerts with network security protocols as standard in addition to many others. Power protection is also a consideration and we protect our system with up to 20kv surge protection, with system communication that is based on standard 802.11 Ethernet protocols.

Improved accuracy, operator accountability and increased production efficiency are just a few of the benefits that are achieved with this cost effective solution. We provide a single network solution often eliminating multiple duplicate systems.

Compatible with any 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems and using C++, a robust programming language, the system is completely customizable, incorporating, for example, optional bar code scanners and the addition of extra data inputs if required.

Machine Monitoring Software and Hardware

As a leading provider of DNC and machine monitoring solutions, eNETDNC can provide the data to help customers make more informed production management decisions. Operator log-ins, machine status, cycle times, and preventative maintenance information can be monitored in real-time and stored for export into Excel or Access for further analysis.

When a machine is down, the operator can be required to put in a code corresponding to a predetermined list of reasons. An alert can then be sent to specific distribution lists via e-mail or text message. For example, if the code for “out of material” is entered, a material handler can be alerted. If the code for “tool breakage” is entered, tool crib can be notified. Down codes and notification distribution can be customized according to each customer’s application. Real time monitoring also tracks how often a machine is operating during a shift, holding operators accountable for their production rates. By requiring operators to log in to the machine, management can more accurately track labor costs for a given part number or machine cycle.

Software easily interfaces with existing networking systems and runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows. Front office personnel and floor management can access a dashboard that provides a snapshot of the shop floor including machine status and current cycle time. These dashboards provide a valuable tool for management to supervise machines and personnel through a central hub.

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