ZEISS Scanners

JMR Systems uses a Zeiss COMET L3D 5M 3D scanner for demonstration purposes and service work. The COMET scanner is among the most accurate and precise 3D scanners available and augments JMR Systems’ capabilities in serving the medical and other markets where small, high accuracy features are important. Lens sets owned by JMR include: 45mm, 75mm, 250mm and 500mm which represents the FOV (Field Of View) of each scan. The COMET L3D 5M is suitable for both 3D inspection and reverse engineering. Contact JMR to arrange for a demonstration today.

Featuring innovative blue LED lighting technology, the extremely compact high-performance 3D sensor adds a new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition. Its rugged design, the dustproof enclosure for the optical components of the sensor head, and the high-quality connectors allow use in industrial environments. The sensor is controlled via an industrial standard CANBus interface and uses a CCD (Charged Couple Device) Camera.

Areas of Application:

● Quality Control & Inspection ● Mold & Tool Making ● Design ● Reverse Engineering
● Rapid Manufacturing ● Art & Archaeology

The COMET L3Ds are available in Four Resolutions – Resolution is based on the number of dots (Scanning Points) in the is area scanned.

  • COMET L3D 1M with 1170 x 880 Resolution i.e. 1170 x 880 = approximately 1M
  • COMET L3D 2M with 1600 x 1200 Resolution
  • COMET L3D 5M with 2448 x 2050 Resolution
  • COMET L3D 8M with 3289 x 2472 Resolution

Note: The COMET L3D 8M has 8 times the number of dots (Scanning Points) as the L3D 1M

The Zeiss COMET L3D Series uses the innovative LED lighting technology that makes the COMET L3Ds cost-effective, maintenance-free and long lived. Steinbichler has a unique LED pulse mode that delivers a high light output which provides excellent measurement results even in difficult lighting conditions.

Zeiss Optotechnik (optotechnik.zeiss.com/en/) manufactures and sells metrology inspection systems directly and indirectly world-wide to the automotive, aerospace, machine tool and manufacturing, and many other industry leaders. Their product lines consist of 3D laser scanning, optical inspection systems, automated metrology solutions, tire testing equipment, stereography, NDT testing, motion sensing systems, metrology software and more.

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