JMR Systems’ newest 3D Scanning Devices

DRAKE & Thor – 3D Scanners – Completely Hand-Held   


  • Portable, wireless 3D scanner

  • Capture almost any object,

  • Hand-held 3D scanning

  • Three interchangeable lenses

  • Scan any sized object: from a dime to a yacht.

  • Highest accuracy up to 40 microns)

  • Highest resolution (up to .15mm).

The Thor:

  • Scan any Object Medium to Large

  • Lightweight & Hand-Held

  • No wires, Built-in touch screen and battery

  • 3D resolution of up to 1mm (0.03in),

  •  Accuracy of 0.2mm (0.007in).

  • Large field of view (FOV) gets scanning done in half the time

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