JMR Systems offers Training and Support for GibbsCAM, Geomagic Design X, Control and Wrap, SpaceClaim and 3D Scanning.

Our JMR On-site Training is our most popular method of Training. Training is one-on-one customized training focusing on only the software and systems that you request. Training Rates are: $1,200 per day for up to four people (from the same company). Travel and Per Diem expenses will be added at cost.

JMR Training in our offices in Derry, New Hampshire, is also customized training. Training Rates for our Derry NH offices are: $900 per day. Training is limited to four people (also from the same company). to provide hands-on individualized help. Travel and Per Diem expenses are the responsibility of the customer.


Now you can purchase eSUPPORT & Training for GibbsCAM® whenever you need help.  eSUPPORT is one-on-one & only focuses on the questions or features that you choose. We will train you right on your computer. Call ahead to arrange a suitable time for your eSUPPORT (24 hours notice is preferred)


  •  You will be able to view and share applications
  •  You’ll see the mouse move while you listen to instruction
  •  View documents 
  •  Have live video and audio interaction

eSUPPORT Training only costs $100 per Block (1 hour) which is easily paid by credit card.

Introductory Offer – Buy 3 Blocks of eSUPPORT – Get one Block Free

JMR-Tech.Tips for GibbsCAM

JMR Systems GibbsCAM Technical Tips and our short movies

Tech Tip #100 What Should I do First?  Getting Started

Tech Tip #101 Geometry Creation Overview

Tech Tip #102  Orienting a Solid for Machining

Tech Tip #103  JMR List of Shortcuts

Tech Tip #104  Cutting a Single Line

Tech Tip #105  Creating a Tool List

Tech Tip #106  How to Single Feature Cut a Contour

Tech Tip #107  Ramp Move in Z

Tech Tip #108  Pocketing Error in Version 7.0

Tech Tip #109  Using Hole Manager for Non-Solid Geometry

Tech Tip #110  Installing GibbsCAM with a USB Key

Tech Tip #111  Copying Features to a New Coordinate System

Tech Tip #112  Changing the Scale of a File from Inches to Metric or Metric to Inches

Tech Tip #113  Adding Supports for Machining Prototypes

Tech Tip #114  Milling Lettering on a Solid Part

Tech Tip #115  Adding a point (or other Geometry feature) from an existing feature for subsequent use

Tech Tip #116  Programming your Mouse as a Connect Button

Tech Tip #117  Controlling Lead-in and Lead-out in tight places, like slotted holes.  

Tech Tip #118  Rotary Milling a Solid Part

Tech Tip #119  Healing Slots & Other Features

Tech Tip #120  Using round-off Tools

Tech Tip #121  Accurate Rendering of a part in the Sub Spindle

Tech Tip #122  Computer Requirements for GibbsCAM

JMR Systems Short Instructional Movies

Three Circle Slot Demo                                            No sound

4-Axis Coordinate System (CS) from Solid               Sound

4-Axis Coordinate System Origin                             Sound

Creating & using Arrays                                          Sound

Chord Height Preferences                                       No Sound

Selecting Circles for Drilling                                     Sound

Creating Circles                                                       Sound

Coordinate System from Faces on the Subspindle  Sound

Creating Drilling Processes with GibbsCAM             Sound

Face Roughing Fixture Avoidance                           No Sound

Filling Surface Features – Part #1                          Sound

Filling Surface Features – Part #2                          Sound

Filling Surface Features – Part #3                          Sound

Geometry Expert Exercise                                      No Sound

Geometry Expert Rectangle                                   Sound

Hole Manager in 2D                                               Sound

Keyway Connectors                                               No Sound

Creating a Long Part Requiring on CS Shift           Sound

Pocketing – Hit Flats                                              Sound

Point Selection                                                       Sound

Precise 4as Demo                                                  Sound

Roughing Pocket by Drilling Array                          Sound

Round Pocket with Array of Notches                     No Sound

Creating Families of Various Shapes                     Sound

Demo Creating & Milling Squares                          Sound

Stitching to Solidify a Model                                  Sound

Swept Contours                                                    No Sound

Movie of Tech Tip #111 Copy Features to a new CS  Sound

WB Machine Part                                                   No Sound

Movies created by Gibbs & Associates

Edge Break Deburring by Bob Dunne                   Sound

JMR Systems – Advancing your proficiency through eSUPPORT

75 minutes of GibbsCAM online training courtesy of JMRSystems and Cognus!

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