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3D Scanning

JMR Systems has wide selection of 3D scanning equipment and software which gives us the versatility and portability to scan an broad spectrum of parts and objects.  We utilize highly accurate Zeiss COMET L3D, Geomagic Desk Top Capture and portable Thor3D “white Light” 3D scanners.” (see pages Zeiss, Geomagic and Thor) Links

The actual scanning is just the first step, when the scanning is finished you have a large Point Cloud of data. JMR Systems takes that point cloud and transforms it into usable information. Such as a CAD file ready to be machined; the part may be inspected and compared to the original object and more.

Inspection, Dimensioning & Color Mapping

JMR Systems uses the Point Cloud Data to garner dimensions, curvatures, thickness, surfaces and create the CAD file of the scanned part.

We can provide a 3D color mapping from the 3D Scanned data. This will quickly show you the deviations between the scanned image and the CAD model or a good part. Create:

Inspection reports, tolerance tables, deviation plots in-depth GD&T.


Reverse Engineering or scan-to-model is the process of taking a legacy part, an older part that does not any CAD or CAM history. The process starts 3D scanning the part.  The size, complexity and existing part material, all influence which type of 3D scanner will give us the best result.

Once the part has been scanned, we clean up the file, fill holes, smooth where needed to Reverse Engineer the part. JMR Systems creates a part file that can sized up or down, mirrored and manipulated.  The reverse engineered part will be a parametric CAD model that has high quality and water-tight meshes. 

The Scan-to-CAD part will have all design intent and design features parameters and a history tree. The part can be brought directly into a CAM software system for manufacturing or brought into almost all CAD formats.


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Put our 55+ years of experience to work for you. Consulting help with CAD/CAM/CAE & DNC also statistical analysis.

At JMR Systems we can bring our competencies and experience to your company for results in:

  •  Better strategic planning
  •  Getting new products to market faster
  •  Increasing market share
  •  Improving team results
  •  Increasing profitability
  •  Building stronger customer relationships

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